sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2011

Kids' Place"at North Shore Assembly of God

               How to Help 
 Sponsor a child
Many single parents rely on the child care we provide,but sometimes they struggle to make ends meet.Financial gifts can help us offer a scholarship to a family in need.
Be a Bible Sponsor
We provide an Adventure Bible for every child who doesn't have a Bible of their own.Each costs about $19.Your donation can help us purchase the many we need.
lend a hand during homework a chaperone on a field trip.Read a story during to a child.Help kids with arts e crafts.Tutor a child who needs help in reading or math.Do you have a talent or skill you would like to teach?We are always looking for guest speakers.
Donate needed items
if you have games,books,puzzles,toys or sports equipment in good condition that you are looking to give away,please think of Kids Place!
Participate in our fundraisers
During the year we hold events like kids' night at Papa Gino's & Funddruckers Restaurants.
There are also ongoing fundraisers throughout the year such as:
Camp bell's  Labels for Education program
save labels from participating products and drop them in our Camp bell's bin.
Every time you use your credit/debit card at participating stores,a percentage of your puchase will be donated to kids'place.Pick up an application at the kids'Place office.
Kids'Place Recycling
Don't throw away your used printer cartridges or cell phone!we receive funds for each one saved for recycling.Our collection bin is located in the Kids'Place office.Do you know a place of business that would to participate?We can provide a collection bin!