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  Flu vaccines be available in your community now.Get vaccinated before flu season starts in October.The sooner you get the vaccine the better.Don't delay.Protect yourself,your family,your friends,and others you meet from this potentially serious disease.
    It's flu season again and the public health community wants you to be informed.The flu is a disease that affects the lungs and can lead to serious death.Some of the symptoms are fever,sore throat,cough,headache,chills,and body aches.Last flu season was particularly bad.If you recall, a new flu virus called HINI emerged.This flu was more dangerous than the typical seasonal flu.Hospitalization rates for people between the ages of 5 and 64 more than doubled.Four to 5 times as many young people diet than in previous years.
    Anyone can get and spread the flu.Healthy kids and adults can sick from the flu and spread it to family and friends.Getting the flu vaccine is the best way to protect against the flu.

    Flu Vaccine Facts

    .The vaccine is safe
    .You cannot catch the flu from the vaccine
    .The earlie you get the shot the better(don't wait until people around you get sick)
    .You need to get the shot every year (even if you had it last year)
    .People with egg allergy may still be able to get the vaccine(consult your doctor)
    There are two types of flu vaccine available:
    .The flu shot,which is given by injection into the muscle,and
    .Nasal spray,which is sprayed into the nostrils (nasal spray vaccine is not recommended for everyone)
    Some people have a higher risk of getting very sick if they catch the flu.People with high risk include pregnant women,young children,seniors and the elderly,and people with chronic heath problems like asthma,diabetes,or heart and lung disease.If you like with a person with high risk,you should be sure to get the vaccine so that you do not spread the flu to them.This is also true for health care professionals and others who work with high risk individuals.